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Post-Heart Attack, I’m Fit and Going Strong

Phil - member success storyA USA Fitness member since 2004, Phil suffered a heart attack while exercising at our facility. Now more than 20 pounds lighter, Phil is healthy, active, and focused on his fitness goal.

In 2009, I suffered a heart attack – my second one – while working out at USA Fitness Center. After my fifth stent surgery and post-surgery recovery, I resumed my workouts at USA Fitness.

I continued to be closely monitored by physicians. In the fall of 2010, one of my docs felt I should decrease my body mass from 31 to 25. That doesn’t sound like much, but it was 26 pounds - the equivalent of an average 2-year old child!

So, my goal was set.

…I have shed 22 pounds – more than 80% of the way toward reaching my goal.

I proceeded with a regular regimen of cardio and weight training at USA Fitness, along with mealtime portion control. As of early spring 2011, I have shed 22 pounds – more than 80% of the way toward reaching my goal. With those 22 pounds, I have lost more than the equivalent of a car tire!

In this process, I found that if you have desire, perseverance, and most importantly a willingness to work, and you can meet any goal.

I turned 60 years old this year and I’m still going strong, and I look forward to, and continue to work toward, the day in the near future when I celebrate reaching my goal.

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