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John Murray, Personal Trainer

Fitness Specialties

  • POST-PHYSICAL THERAPY John specializes in designing personalized exercise programs for persons who have completed physical therapy, and need a continuing program for rehabilitation and long-term health and fitness.
  • WEIGHT LOSS John specializes in advising on weight loss through personalized nutrition and exercise programs.

John MurrayFitness Philosophy

“To a large part, health and fitness, mental and physical, are determined by lifestyle. Balance and moderation are important in all aspects. Awareness of the consequences of an unbalanced life style and the need to alter it are essential to long-term health and fitness.”View Rates Book a Session

About John

“My interest in fitness started with my experiences as a high school and college gymnast along with teaching high school gymnastics. Teaching swimming and life saving for the American Red Cross only broadened my interest in fitness.” A strong advocate of mental and physical acuity, John’s love of teaching allows him to impart knowledge and experience to his students and clients.


  • BS, MS, Ed.D – Instructor in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Nutrition at the university level at UMass Boston
  • Certification in personal training, strength training, small ball Pilates exercise techniques
  • Credentials in medical exercise
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