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From Size 12 to Size 6


A USA Fitness member since 2011, This 38-year-old mother of two finds the determination and drive to shed 30 pounds, and finds herself in the best shape of her life. Stacey Elmes is a 5’2” petite brunette. The 38-year-old mother of two had always been physically active – first, as a ballet dancer, and later […]

Post-Heart Attack, I’m Fit and Going Strong


A USA Fitness member since 2004, Phil suffered a heart attack while exercising at our facility. Now more than 20 pounds lighter, Phil is healthy, active, and focused on his fitness goal. In 2009, I suffered a heart attack – my second one – while working out at USA Fitness Center. After my fifth stent […]

Back Down to My High School Weight

Bob Whitcomb

Bob Whitcomb, USA Fitness member since 2002, lost weight, lowered his blood pressure, and improved his sports performance  In 2002, having just returned from bowling in the World Championships, I noticed that my endurance and performance during that year had been way sub-par. I had turned 40 and gained weight; I had high blood pressure […]

I Lost Weight to Save My Life

Ken Cook

Ken Cook, USA Fitness member since 2000, lost over 80 pounds. In September 2000 I had a physical and weighed-in at 242 pounds.  My cholesterol level was over 240, blood pressure was 150/90 and sugar level was over 200.  My wife and I had a “surprise” 4th son at age 43 and during this physical […]