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Holly McPhee, Personal Trainer

Holly McPhee, Personal Trainer

Fitness Specialties Circuit training Strength training Endurance training Core training Health/Nutrition Supplement Specialist Fitness Philosophy “Personal health and fitness accomplished through, education, hard work, and fun. We all want to live long, healthy, and happy lives. Make personal fitness part of your life and accomplish just that.” About Holly Having worked at General Nutrition Center […]

John Murray, Personal Trainer

John Murray

Fitness Specialties POST-PHYSICAL THERAPY John specializes in designing personalized exercise programs for persons who have completed physical therapy, and need a continuing program for rehabilitation and long-term health and fitness. WEIGHT LOSS John specializes in advising on weight loss through personalized nutrition and exercise programs. STRETCHING, FLEXIBILITY, BALANCE, BREATHING TECHNIQUES, BODY CONTROL AND STRENGTH TRAINING […]

Ken Brady, Personal Trainer; Boxing Circuit Instructor; Bootcamp Instructor

Ken Brady, Personal Trainer

Fitness Specialties CORE BOXING CIRCUIT TRAINING BOOTCAMP FITNESS TRAINING STRENGTH TRAINING TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT TRAINING ATHLETIC FITNESS AND ENDURANCE Fitness Philosophy “I believe in a goal-oriented approach to fitness and staying healthy. Set attainable goals, then commit yourself, stay focused, work hard, and maintain a healthy diet in order to make those goals reachable. Maintaining […]

Lori Donnelly, Personal Trainer; Group Exercise Instructor

Lori Donnelly, Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor

Fitness Specialties ATHLETIC AND ENDURANCE TRAINING; CARDIO FOR MUSCLE TONE AND WEIGHT LOSS: Designing safe workouts that incorporate cardio/muscle tone for weight loss; CIRCUIT TRAINING AND BOOTCAMPS: Designing programs that incorporate intense cardio, plyometrics, and muscle training to take individuals to new fitness levels by way of muscle confusion. Fitness Philosophy ‚ÄúDecide. Commit. Succeed. Once […]

Sean Houghton, Personal Trainer

Sean Houghton, Personal Trainer

Fitness Specialties CIRCUIT TRAINING Total Body RESISTANCE TRAINING CORE TRAINING and FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Fitness Programs for All Fitness Levels Fitness Philosophy “I believe that health and fitness plays a vital role in all aspects of life. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.The two key elements of a successful workout program are intensity and […]

Tom Barker, Personal Trainer


Fitness Specialties CONDITIONING AND CORE TRAINING Sports conditioning; boot camps SENIOR CLASSES AND SPECIAL POPULATIONS Fitness Philosophy “To achieve success you must build a sound foundation by setting realistic goals. Put the time and effort in and you won’t regret it. Have fun! With the right motivation, the possibilities are endless. Your health comes first […]