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Ken Brady, Personal Trainer; Boxing Circuit Instructor; Bootcamp Instructor

Ken Brady, Personal Trainer

Fitness Specialties CORE BOXING CIRCUIT TRAINING BOOTCAMP FITNESS TRAINING STRENGTH TRAINING TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT TRAINING ATHLETIC FITNESS AND ENDURANCE Fitness Philosophy “I believe in a goal-oriented approach to fitness and staying healthy. Set attainable goals, then commit yourself, stay focused, work hard, and maintain a healthy diet in order to make those goals reachable. Maintaining […]

Lori Donnelly, Personal Trainer; Group Exercise Instructor

Lori Donnelly, Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor

Fitness Specialties ATHLETIC AND ENDURANCE TRAINING; CARDIO FOR MUSCLE TONE AND WEIGHT LOSS: Designing safe workouts that incorporate cardio/muscle tone for weight loss; CIRCUIT TRAINING AND BOOTCAMPS: Designing programs that incorporate intense cardio, plyometrics, and muscle training to take individuals to new fitness levels by way of muscle confusion. Fitness Philosophy ‚ÄúDecide. Commit. Succeed. Once […]