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Barre Mat

Incorporates classical ballet core conditioning and stretching combined with anatomical principles of alignment and muscle strength to strengthen and correct the placement of the pelvis, hips, and back while releasing tension throughout the entire body. SO basically she is going to kill your legs, butt, and abs! All fitness levels welcome.

Beat It

Full body cardio jam session combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometrics, and plyometrics. Drum your way to a leaner slimmer physique while rocking to your favorite music.

Body Bar

A workout designed to transform your body by developing strength and endurance in major muscle groups all while burning calories and toning your body.

Body Blast

Full body workout in hour long cardio, strength, and abs class that will blast your body into shape.

Body Burn

Cardio and strength training through intervals and super sets, leaving you feeling the burn.

Cardio Pump


This class keeps you moving by combining cardio workout along with muscle and core strengthening for all fitness levels.


Designed for all fitness levels, it is a fun high energy workout, involving hills, sprints, and endurance rides both in and out of the saddle. This class will burn tons of calories and leave you smiling and sweaty.