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Back Down to My High School Weight

Bob Whitcomb, USA Fitness member since 2002, lost weight, lowered his blood pressure, and improved his sports performance 

Showing yourself and everyone else that you can do anything is the most powerful tool you can use.

In 2002, having just returned from bowling in the World Championships, I noticed that my endurance and performance during that year had been way sub-par. I had turned 40 and gained weight; I had high blood pressure and was taking medication; and my cardio endurance and sports performance were suffering. I realized that if I wanted to get back to my previous level of health and sports performance, it was time to do something.

I started going to USA Fitness three times a week. I started out by working closely with a personal trainer, who helped me big time to get going in the right direction. I changed things up to keep my body challenged with a variety of machines and classes…elliptical machine, stationary bike and spin class. I also got into the habit of challenging myself mentally and physically to progressively improve my strength and endurance during each workout (see Bob’s Tips and Tricks).

After three months, I went to the biggest Candlepin singles tournament…and won!

After about three months, I noticed a difference, and that difference was reflected in my sports performance: I went to the biggest Candlepin singles tournament and won the event! 

Both Easy…and Difficult 

 Achieving my goals was both easy and difficult…it was hard work and required dedication, but I knew I was doing the right thing for better health and personal satisfaction, so my self-motivation kept me going. 

Bob’s Tips and Tricks

  1. Remember your goals! Nothing helped me stick with my routine more than keeping my eyes and mind on my ultimate objectives.
  2. Know who you’re doing this for. Do it for yourself and family!
  3. Have a chip on your shoulder…prove the nay-sayers wrong! I’m not recommending copping an attitude –
    but by showing yourself and everyone else that you can do anything you put your mind to is one of the most powerful tools you can use.
  4. Compete with YOURSELF. To keep boredom at bay, and to continuously increase my fitness level, I challenge myself to improve on my previous workout level every time I’m on the Stairmaster or elliptical machine. It really keeps me motivated and I think helped me to reach my fitness goals sooner.
  5. Remember this is not a short term solution. Reaching your goals is one thing, but maintaining them can present a whole new set of challenges. Recognize that you’ll need to stick with it…you can do it!
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